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Visitorville Goes 3D

vv3d-demo.gifGot a website and want to know who's visiting and where they're coming from? 'Cause you do. I have a log on this site. Tells me your IP address and sometimes the country you're coming from. Tells me who refers you. Tells me how many "hits" and "unique visits" but it does it all with bar graphs and figures. Pretty boring. But with Visitorville your stats are presented like a video game. Your site is presented as a town. Visitors arrive by major search engine buses. You see the visitors getting off the bus and going into the building (your pages). And now it's gone 3D. Why don't I have it, you say? Well it's for PC only, not Apple. Bugger it. You can download it and check it out for free. Go to the Navigation Bar, baby.mini-inside-building.gif

"Every visitor to your site has a "Passport" with 24 types of information on them. Just click on the visitor to pull up their passport!mini-passport.gif

In VisitorVille, buildings represent web pages. They grow as more visitors fill them; and shrink as visitors leave...

Buses deliver your visitors to their landing pages. There's a bus for every major search engine; plus, you can create your own custom buses for any other referrer!

Watch realistic-looking people move around your page. Different avatars exist depending on the type of visitor (commercial, academic, military, etc.).mini-ambulance.gif
To move between pages, your visitors take taxis, ambulances, fire trucks -- or any other vehicle you like. They each have their own distinctive sound, so you can alert yourself when a particular page is accessed (or even a particular person accessing a page!)

Click on any visitor and a world of information opens up. Browse their passport; hear about them with VisitorVille Voice; follow them around town; chat with them; view their past visits; and more!

Walk into any building in VisitorVille to learn about -- and even chat with -- the visitors inside.

Textual information on your visitors is grouped into predefined filtered lists -- Visitors, Referrers, Search Terms, Exit Pages, States/Provinces, Web Browser type, etc...

... You can even create your own custom filters. Like "Sales made by people coming through Google Adwords", or "Sales made by people who used the keyword 'widgets' to find my site". Or even highly complex filters like "People who downloaded our catalog; stayed longer than 7 minutes; contacted us through the form; and ultimately exited at our prices page".

... You can also do something really interesting: Initiate chat with any of your visitors. Just select the visitor, click on "Direct Chat", and they are invited to join you for a chat."

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can i get a copy of my passport under the freedom of information act?
December 28, 2005 | Unregistered Commentermushroom

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