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Leave it to Beaver

main_pic.gifUpdate on the stupid bloody survey on the bottom of the Navigation Bar to the right. I guess some of you crackers don't even know what "Leave it to Beaver" is, right? Take the survey anyway. What the hell. Close your eyes and take a stab. Here's how it's progressing -

1. What kind of guy did the Beaver become later in life?
It's neck and neck between 1. homosexual 2. Schoolgirl undie sniffer 3. Accountant

2. Was Wally Cleaver....
83.3% are saying he was "boring as fuck".

3. How about the Father? (Ward)
Again, it's down to 1. held Tupperware Parties to make ends meet and 2. had never seen his wife's pussy.

Now I'm probably gonna be accused of hating America all-over-again. "How dare you denigrate a good wholesome, American-as-apple-pie program like this! Beaver and his family are loved in this country. Why don't you take your sick, perverted, brand-of-humour elsewhere you Terrorist you. Decent people shouldn't have to put up with this...blah blah blah...yada...yada...yada"

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