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The Blah that ate Paris

goldfish-ball.gifThursday December 15

Gidday. I think I've got Bloggers Block. I don't know what the fuck to talk about. You'll notice I have a couple of girls helping me out. That's them down below. One was getting a bit cheeky so I aged her twenty years and took away her toys. The other one's better behaved. Just type some filthy words in to the box and she'll read them back to you. With a smile, you'll notice.

I'm thinking of building a new site - an interactive/virtual one. I need a good website designer. Maybe a flash expert. I want to build something like agencynet.com. I emailed them over a week ago but they are so up themselves they can't even be arsed replying. The Contact Address was bizdev@agencynet.com. Don't you just fucking HATE that? They're in the business and they don't bother replying to their emails. So why the fuck have they bothered with the flash site? Is it just a wank?

And so it goes on. My Traffic is going up and up but it seems all you guys are deaf mutes or some-fucking-thing. Noone writes. I could count you on one hand - Mikey, Annalou, Fingers, Meredith, Eesie, Smithee and Uncle Pervy. So I've got seven fingers! What of it! Geeze I'd prefer hate-mail to this. Maybe I need to insult you. Like this -

HeY Peter-Breath!!Why won't you talk to me you cock-sucker! You come here every day to just
piss on my sheets? FUCK YOU and your Mother

Guess no-one will write now.

I nicked the Goldfish Ball gif from this funny British site b3ta.com - they'll probably want my guts for garters. Check 'em out. There's some funny shit there.

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Reader Comments (3)

Ahhh! Your website started talking to me, and my bossette in the cubicle next door is now very curious as to who has been naughty exactly ... A warning next time, please Lambe! : )

Everytime I come here it's different. I still have to scroll past the side column to get to the blog bit ... and is it just me or is the side column getting longer?

I'll be back. Probably next week when the res of the intermanet goes on holidays ... Keep the change coming.
December 15, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterC LaRue
what are you on about with the girls? i can't see any girls.
can you write a post saying theres an antiracism rally at town hall square this sunday at 1pm to show the losers at cronulla dont speak for the whole country.
ta bro, i'm trying to get it up on all the blogs i know.
ps im way to lazy to post a reply each day dont complain atleast you know people read your blog. smile boy :)
December 16, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterBec
Can't see the "Sitepal" girls on the bottom right of the Navigation Bar? Maybe your firewall is blocking them. Probably just as well 'cause one of them has a foul mouth.
December 16, 2005 | Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe

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