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What American Grunts do for Kicks

candla1.gifTuesday November 29

More on War Porn and that Fuckedup site (that I refuse to link to again but go to the Nav. Bar on the left and you'll find the story). This is an extract taken from another blog "Secret Rudy" written by an American.

"What is happening to our men and women in uniform? I'll tell you... they are losing it, and losing it big time. We are not even at the point where we can say "if this violence doesn't stop soon we are going to have a lot of messed up men and women on our hands when this thing is finished". We are way past that point, we drove by that turn in the road well before Abu Ghraib and unfortunately the bridge is washed out and there is no turning back.

So to give you an idea of the content... soldiers are making a sick game out of getting the best pictures and digital video shots of the human aftermath resulting from our latest imperialistic jaunt. I couldn't really believe it but I went to the site referenced and it is indeed true. The images are horrific, uncensored and littered with playful comments and cheers for more. As one site says, "Part of the game is for users to guess what appendage or organ is on display." Sick yet? No? Well consider this, these are not just pictures of insurgents but of Afghan and Iraqi citizens. People who never asked for any of this. Innocent people trying to make it through the day, people hoping that they can feed their families today, people praying their children make it home each night as they strive for some sense of normality. One posting titled "Nice puss/bad foot" shows a man holding up what is left of one woman's leg with part of her genitalia exposed. Think she made it? Think again.

Now I'm not even going to pretend I understand what is going through their minds as they fight this war. The damage being inflicted on their psyche and souls everyday is unimaginable. I'm sitting safely in my nice little house drinking a beer listening to Johnny Cash. A pretty nice setup in the scheme of things and as far removed from their reality as possible. I realize that this is probably a very small group of people and while it's not up to me to judge their actions in doing their duty (although all of us are allowed an opinion on that) I can and will judge this... it is inhumane".

You're wrong Secret Rudy...it's not inhumane - it's fucking disgusting! For shame America. For shame.

Find the original story HERE at Secret Rudy under "Never have I been so disappointed in mankind."

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