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From the people that brought you Vietnam comes...

The New Improved Cluster Bomb! Wondering what to get your Iraqi mates for Christmas. Look no further. Bombs'R'Us have a wide selection of devastating cluster bombs. Gift-wrapped with pleasure and delivered right into your front yard in time for Christmas.cluster-bomb.jpg"The deaths occurred because the world's most modern military, one determined to minimize civilian casualties, went to war with stockpiles of weapons known to endanger civilians and its own soldiers. The weapons claimed victims in the initial explosions and continued to kill afterward, as Iraqis and U.S. forces accidentally detonated bomblets lying around like small land mines.

A four-month examination by USA TODAY of how cluster bombs were used in the Iraq war found dozens of deaths that were unintended but predictable. Although U.S. forces sought to limit what they call "collateral damage" in the Iraq campaign, they defied international criticism and used nearly 10,800 cluster weapons; their British allies used almost 2,200."

For the latest on Cluster Bombs illegally used by the American and British Military go HERE to The Human Rights Watch Enter "cluster bombs" in the search bar. Get yours in time for Christmas. And remember, as Natalie says

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