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Monday November 28

We're having a fine old time over at Ella's blog. I put the cat amongst the pigeons yesterday by daring to suggest the Yanks need to get out of Iraq and that the War Porn on Nowthatsfuckedup is sickening - amongst other things. (Go to the Navigation Bar for the story and link) I think they are forming a lynch party as we speak. She is, after all, in Tennessee. If you want to follow the action go HERE and there are three different posts with heaps of comments. Or you could just join in the debate on Blowjobs - "Spit or swallow? Does it make or break a blow job?"
They're coming to get me for being an "American Hater" - I'm not. I just despise the dumb-fucks. In the course of the argument Ella/Natalie came out with this classic - click on the graphic.

click to enlarge

At one stage in the "discussion" another intellectual giant by the name of GOGO actually came right out and said "We ARE the Centre of the Universe" in reply to my "You guys think you're the Centre of the Universe". Followed by Natalie again saying that she thought my problem was that I was envious of how powerful the cheeseburger Nation is. You know - the little dick complex. Talking of little dicks there was another poster who reckons the only thing Orstraya is famous for is koalas and kangaroos. And I sez "What about your crocodiles?" And he goes "Nah...Australia isn't well-known for crocodiles" And I go yeah...we know that...every other week some poor dumb-fuck American Tourist gets taken by a croc in a billabong - apparently they think the sign "Crocodiles - No Swimming" doesn't apply to them. Ar...it's been fun yank-baiting. But Jesus some of them are thick. Not you. You're a smart American. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading my blog. Have a nice day, ya hear.y4506.gif

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Reader Comments (7)

Hey Malcolm,

Thanks for making me famous with that quote!! I can't believe you have me defending the Iraq war. I oppose it greatly. But, not as much I oppose generalized hatred towards Americans.

Here are few sources that agree:
The US uses a much higher percentage of precision weapons today than ever before. It is replacing cluster bombs (large numbers of which fail to detonate on impact and can later maim or kill civilians) with those that become inert after a short period if they don't explode when dropped or fired. Pentagon lawyers are involved in target planning to ensure the Laws of Armed Conflict are not being violated.

"If you talk to the Red Cross or most other observers, you'll find that [US forces] did a rather good job of avoiding or minimizing collateral damage" in both Iraq and Afghanistan. says Robert Goldman, who specializes in human rights and armed conflict at American University's Washington College of Law. (Civilian casualties in Afghanistan are as difficult to calculate as those in Iraq.)

This was not the case in previous wars. In World War II, tens of thousands of civilians were killed in single attacks. Mussolini terror-bombed Ethiopia; Nazi Germany indiscriminately bombed London; and the Allies firebombed Dresden and other German cities. Tokyo was firebombed, and the US dropped atom bombs on two Japanese cities.

"We've certainly changed our practices since World War II - everyone has - where the cities themselves were seen as targets," says Prof. Goldman.

P.S. Sadaam murdered about 30,000 civilians anually... and that's a light estimate. Of course, he hates America, so he's cool, right?
November 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterElla
How interesting that in your own blog you take what other people say out of context to further your own agenda. That's neither productive nor honest. Way to go.

November 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGoGo
Here's another site to help you put the casualties of this war into perspective:
November 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterElla
Just saw your post back on my website, glad you're enjoying it, I feel the same way about your site.
November 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterSecretRudy
"Pentagon lawyers are involved in target planning to ensure the Laws of Armed Conflict are not being violated." thanks Ella et al. I feel so much better about it all now. But what was that bit about not bombing cities. Didn't the invasion start with so-called precision bombing of Baghdad? Maybe it was just on my television. And thanks for the link to "putting the casualties of war into perspective" - that should read "invasion" in Iraq's case, of course.
November 29, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterlambe, paris
Here you go GOGO. Your full post on Ella's blog at http://www.ella.journalspace.com Verbatim, unedited, completely in context.

"Frankly, for someone to say that the United States isn't the center of the universe is almost laughable, to me--if it weren't the center of the universe so many people wouldn't be as pissed off at us as they are. I'm not saying that it's right--necessarily--I'm just saying that it is for the most part true.

As for the rest of it, my feelings are very mixed. No--I don't "support" war in principle; I think it is a horrible thing...but horrible things are often unavoidable. I've grown up my whole life watching terrorism grow as a cottage industry--and the bottom-line is that I think it's about time we go abroad to address it in any way that we can.

Do I think that Iraq was responsible for 9/11--no. Not directly, at least; perhaps not even remotely, but I can say that I believe the anti-American sentiment in that part of the world was certainly a contributing factor in a much broader sense. And, frankly, Sadam Hussein (sp--I'm not going to take the time to check the spelling of his name) was a well-known, outspoken enemy of the United States--the perfect target for making a point.

I think that the death and destruction that both sides have had to face is tragic, but again, I think that a lot of it has been necessary. Believe me, if the enemy (and that is, in my opinion) everyone we are engaging now, had the wherewithal or means to be on our soil doing the same thing--they would be.

I'm sorry--I know that my sentiments are less than popular and I will admit that they are harsh and unattractive as well, but that's where I stand. Do I think it's alright that innocent people are suffering because of it all? Of course not--but I think that's one of the differences...I do think it is appalling and horrible, whereas I don't think that the "other side" would think twice if the tables were reversed. For me, I guess, it is an "us or them" situation; at this point I'd rather be over there doing what we're doing than sitting idly by waiting for them to come over and kill us and our children.

I'm sick of having to live in fear of flying on a plane, travelling outside of the United States, etc., etc., etc. I know that in other countries this is the norm....but that's a good deal of why the United States is the center of the universe--we haven't had to live this way before (on such a grand scale). We are called "infadels"--which says a lot, to me. The difference is--I don't think any one of our opposition should die because of who they are or what they believe...but they think that I should, just because I happen to be from the United States. I think there's something wrong with that.

I'm sure I just made a ton of enemies--and that's fine. That's also the beauty of the United States--I can have an opinion (whether it's right or wrong). I can do lots of things that people in other countries can't do...and that has a lot to do with why I'm not losing sleep over what's going on anywhere else--I don't see anything wrong with making sure that doesn't change on our soil.

I'm an American. I'm not ashamed to be one. I love my country and all that it stands for--I am happy to enjoy all of the best the country has to offer and I'm not about to apologize for it. I live a relatively comfortable life--and that's just fine with me. In my world, I and my own are the center of the universe...and my life is short enough that in the time that I'm here--well, I'm just not going to worry about it. I work and give back to the community in which I live...I volunteer and do charity work for my community...I provide a service in my work that other people enjoy...I pay taxes and I pay my bills (when I can remember to do so)...and I generally like everyone I meet until they give me reason not to...and no one in the rest of the world would miss me if I were gone--but there are many who would kill me without a second thought just because I am an American. I think that's way scarier than being an American."

Thanks for sharing, GOGO.

...and now, back to the real world.
November 29, 2005 | Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe
You're welcome, Malcolm--it is my utmost pleasure, believe me. And, as I said, you took it out of context...and since you felt it appropriate to post my entire comment, you proved my point that taking it out of context missed the punchline...which was, "I'm not saying that it's right--necessarily--I'm just saying that it is for the most part true."

God you are a tiresome pedant.
December 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterGoGo

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