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America - Home of the Brave, Land of the Free??

3dflagsdotcom_usa_2fawm.gifSunday Night in Paris

I'm sorry...if you're American you're not gonna like what I'm about to say. Yanks! Listen up! You are a bunch of DUMB FUCKS. What you are doing in Iraq is WRONG WRONG WRONG. It's all gone pear-shaped and we all know why. You have made a huge mistake. You need to GET THE FUCK OUT! Your presence is just making things worse. If the withdrawal doesn't happen now, it will soon. YOU ARE HISTORY. The best thing you poor stupid fucks can do is WITHDRAW NOW. Leave the Iraqis to the European Community to sort out. Hey...you can laugh...but how could they possibly do any worse than what you've done? Face it Yanks - it's VIETNAM ALL OVER AGAIN and you guys are too proud...too pig-headed to see that. "Winning the hearts and minds"...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ."Shock and Awe".....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What was it your General Westmoreland said about Vietnam? - "We're gonna bomb them back into the StoneAge"....Um...excuse me General Sir...who won the Vietnam War? "The good guys son...the good guys".

Am I tripping or is it completely fucking obvious what's gonna happen?

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