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Is Paris Hilton Burning?

dingers.gifSunday November 13
Paris, City of Riots

Well from where I'm sitting, the answer is no. But there is a revolution starting in the poor tower-block suburbs in the north. The New Communards are manning the barricades, burning down buildings and torching "les Citroëns" - the cars not the citizens (pronounced "sit-ro-en" not "sit-rone" which means ""lemon" in French). I hope they're targeting the CITROËN BX - that was a real shitbox and deserves to burn. Come to think of it...there were quite a few dud Renaults as well. And don't get me started on the Peugeot 106 that Her Indoors has just offloaded on to some poor sucker. Hey maybe they could make a filthy big bonfire and chuck all the French lemons on it while they're at it? I'd like to see that.

In the streets "No taxation without representation" is the cry. Ah...hang on...might be confusing my revolutions. Anyway...the natives are restless, that much is for sure. They're fed up with racial discrimination, unemployment, being cooped up in those highrise stack-o-boxes and constantly being harassed and worked over by "les flics" (the cops) and the heavier mob the CRS - the riot squad.

Dom's right. (RADAR BLOG) The call to action has come out over the Blog Network. But not only are the Blogs going the "agent provocateur" but the "Podcasters" are spreading the word too. Typical of these is this one from a disgruntled immigrant in the Fifteenth Arrondissement PLAY THE PODCAST HERE

The BBC currently has a Podcast Trial which started in May and runs until December. Go HERE to hear it.

Australia's ABC youf radio station Triple J started its own experimental broadcast in January this year.

Podcasting didn't really get going until Adam Curry, a former MTV presenter and Dave Winer, a software programmer, released a programme called iPodder. Ipodder downloads audio files directly to your MP3 Player or Apple iPod. It lets you gather programmes automatically - you just select what you want to listen to and then play it back whenever you want through your iPod or MP3 or even through your car music system. Nifty huh?

The first significant Australian Podcast was G'day World from Cameron Reilly in Melbourne and Mick Stanic in Sydney. Perfect name for a Podcast, don't you think?

Now the Geeks are getting into Videoblogging. It took off during the recent Asian Tsunami when blogs got huge Traffic from voyeurs wanting to see the Wave of Destruction - which, incidentally, is the name of one of the blogs www.waveofdestruction.org

A favourite Podcast of mine is the wacked-out and raunchy Dawn and Drew a married couple broadcasting from their farmhouse in Michigan.

It's easy to get up and running with Podcasting. If you have a computer with a good connection (preferably Broadband) and a microphone (mine's built into the iMac), you can be broadcasting to the world in minutes. If you want to do almost professional-quality shows, invest in software like SKYPE - a popular VOIP (voice over IP) - also where to go for FREE phonecalls over the net - providing the other party has Skype as well.

Consider this thrillseekers: If you'd Googled the word Podcast on the 28th of September last year you would have got a paltry 24 results. I just did it then and got 65,600,000 results. Ah...you reckon Podcasting might be taking off?

To the barricades! Vive la Revolution!

You've been listening to "My Life as a Frog". >

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