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Having a Riot

crazy italian.gifThursday November 10
Paris, City of Riots

Hello thrillseekers. I'm b-a-a-c-k. Feeling a bit better this morning, thanks for asking. I've had 2,500 Unique Visitors this past week and over 15,000 Page Hits. Can't be bad. And thanks to those "true believers" who've commented below. Makes all the difference to me to get a bit of feedback. Even if its "Lambe, you suck!". Stay tuned to this channel. I've a Podcast on the way. Should be fun. I'll tell you exactly how I set it up.

"City of Riots"? I've seen none of it in my little quartier. But the natives are restless in the industrial suburbs to the North of the city. They're sharpening la guillotine as we talk. Same old shit - disaffected immigrants, people with no jobs/no money/no hope. There's a lot of illegals here. Did you know that? Sans Papiers they're called. "Without Papers". I was one of them once. For three years. Shhh. Yeah I overstayed my 3 months Visa. Big Deal. But I came and went quite a few times. Not once was I pulled up at the airport. It was only when I went to visit the U.K. for the third time in a couple of years that I got interrogated by the charming British Immigration Officials (a.k.a. The Gestapo) at Gare du Nord railway station when I went to take the Eurostar to London for a change from flying. Pricks gave me the Third Degree even though I had accommodation booked and a return ticket. "I'm Australian" I go. "Yeah but you've overstayed your Visa and we don't believe that you intend to come back to France. We think you want to stay in the U.K.". So they refused me entry and passed me over to the French Authorities who couldn't give a bugger. As the Frogs pointed out, there was not even a stamp in my passport showing when I'd entered France. I tried pointing out to the Poms that my Grandfather was English and therefore I could have applied for a long-stay Family Roots Visa if I'd wanted to. Didn't wash with them at all. It was like they had a vendetta against Aussies. (Maybe 'cause we thrash them in most sports. LOFL)


The other thing is...the nastier of the two interrogators was obviously of Pakistani or Indian origin. Not that there's anything wrong with that. BUT Mate....I can trace my origins back at least a thousand years to the Norman Conquest. My Great, Great, Great, Great whatever on my Father's Mother's side was a "de Rowlowe" - anglicized to "Rowley". As Debretts Peerage puts it "The Rowley family is one of the oldest families in the United Kingdom, if not "The Oldest Family". So they can kiss my arse. In fact, if I wanted to play my trump card, I could claim to be related to Camilla Parker-Bowles or Windsor and she now is. A very distant rello. But a rello all the same. True story. In fact in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich there is a portrait of one of my venerated ancestors, Admiral Rowley, who was famous for having declared war on the pirates of the Caribbean. Anyway. Enough of wanking on about my long-dead English ancestors. I married my French girl and I now have a ten year "Carte de Sejour". And a lovely little Froggie boy - Charlie. I posted new photographs of him yesterday. See the last entry under "About The Fucking Idiot Behind This".
Voila. C'est tout, folks! And be kind to your Mother. Lambe, Paris.

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Great photos - he definitely looks like his papa!
November 10, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterOzzie

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