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Hey You! Read this or the Puppy Dies

Wednesday 26 October

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...lend me your rears!

There seems to be a bit of confusion out there. I think perhaps some of you have me confused with another site called www.wallyworld.com which apparently is a hard-core gay site. Sorry...you won't get any of that kind of action here. Apart from a fairly innocuous piece on "Frank - the Gay Cowboy" (see it listed on the Navigation Column on the left). But even that story is mainly about the work he does as Webmaster for the Gay Rodeo Rough-Riders Association or some-bloody-thing. He's got six million webcams around his house live-streaming God-knows-what.

There's another lot of lurkers coming here because I stupidly headed a completely tame story on "What I did on my holiday in the Loire" as "Wife-Swapping Chateaux of the Loire" (under "ABOUT the Idiot behind this"). I was kidding, alright? So "No"...I can't give you addresses of Swingers Clubs in French Chateaux...Google it yourself. I know nothing about it - Zip, Niente, Rien...Capisce?

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