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If you're looking for free boat plans you're sure to find something amongst this lot -

I've just finished reading about the building of a 20 foot Vagabond yacht from ply and epoxy on this AmateurBoatBuilding site. Very very thorough and detailed. Hats off to the builder!

Free Boat Plans Off the Web:

Absolutely Free Boat Plans (Links to free online boat plans)
Architectura Navalis Mercatoria (The 1765 book by Frederik Hendrik af Chapman online - in Swedish but a great resource if you want to build old galleon style model boats)
Build Your Own Boat - Free Boat Plans (This looks to be plans from at least 50 or 60 years ago - worth a look)
CAD plans from designer Per Corelli (This is a Yahoo Group with links to other Yahoo Groups)
Doug Garmon's Free Kayak Plans (The stitch-and-tape Qivitoq & others)

More Free Boat Plans -

Free Fishing Boat Plans
Fishing Boat Designs: 2. from a United Nations FAO project (The publication includes the designs of four small fishing vessels (from 5.2 to 8.5 metres), with comprehensive material specifications and lists, and provides detailed instructions for their construction, both planked and of plywood. The designs are appropriate for inshore and coastal fisheries and emphasis has been placed on relative ease of construction and minimum wastage of timber.)

Free Boat Plans: Canoes & Kayaks

The Folding Kayak Builders Manual (Free plans for aluminum framed folding kayaks, wood framed and inflatable kayaks)
Free Boat Plans & Design Resources On The Internet (Heaps of designs, design software, essays, tutorials and other resources here - really good site!)
Free Boat Plans for the Sunapee a classic old 22' Cruiser designed by Carl Gage (1935)
A Free Tortured Plywood Canoe Plan and Building Instructions ("A canoe can be built in many ways but the one mentioned here is by far the simplest for at least two reasons: The canoe has only one rib and it is not necessary to make any bendings by means of steam." In Danish and English)

Free Old-Style Boat Plans

Hannu's Boatyard (Free plans for one sheet, one and a half sheet and slightly larger plywood boats from Hannu Vartiala)
Herb McLeod's One Sheet Skiff ("This was first conceived as a father son project. My son at the time was very much into computer games and it was difficult to pry him away from the machine. Also with computers he was used to having projects move very quickly. Boat building of a traditional boat was just too slow to interest him. I have assembled this design in 4 hours and have built the complete boat in 8 hours.")
Free Boat Plans Egoist.jpg
Free Boat PlansHere Are Some Old Boat Plans David Beede came Across at a Garage Sale in Maine. (includes simple model boat plans)
How to Build a Genuine Ozark John Boat ("The johnboat is a long, narrow, flat-bottomed wooden boat designed for fishing the pools (called eddies) of the Ozark rivers and floating over the swift shallow riffles. It floats downstream with the current and is paddled by one person in the back using a light-weight paddle.")
An Index of the Boat Plans in MoToR BoatinG Magazine's Ideal Series Books 1920-1965
Ira Einsteen's Ira Einsteen's Free Double Paddle Dory & Herring Skiff (Free plans and building instructions for a 12' stitch 'n' glue outboard skiff)
Lewis Boat Works (Free and low-cost plans for flat bottom jon-boats, skiffs and pirogues)
Let a Hundred Sails Bloom (Free plans for the Egoist 5.5 meter lug-rigged singlehanded cruiser)
The Mouseboats Mailing List (Discussion about building and using the Mouse and Flying Mouse family of small craft originally designed by Gavin Atkin)
Mystic Seaport's Index to Vessel Designs in The Rudder, 1891-1950
The PakYak Prototype (Free online plans for a 12' truly folding kayak)
Radoslaw Werszko - Wooden Dinghy Designer and Builder (Free stitch and glue sailboat plans, Poland)
Sandy Pittendrigh's Montana Riverboats (Free online building instructions for a McKenzie River style drift boat, the autocad-dimensions file costs $20)
The Scow (Free online design and building instructions for a 12' sailing scow, by Andrew Gibbens)

Yet More FREE Boat Plans

ShortyPen's Pocket Cruiser Design
Free Small Boat Plans From Science and Mechanics Magazine.
Small Boat Self-Steering Designs (Free drawings by Walt Murray)
South Haven Dory Plans (Free plans for a stitch 'n' glue one-person rowing boat that is based on the St. Pierre dory)
Spira International by Jeff Spira (Free plans for a 13' banks dory to visitors who register)
Sztrandka (Free plans for a 5 meter microcruiser)
Free Boat Plans SouthWind.jpg
Treasures from the Past (Online designs from an old How to Build 20 Boats)
The Turkish Amateur Design and Boat Building Portal (Free plans links as well as some online plans of their boat-design works)
Vintage Projects (Boat plans from old magazines)
Wacky Lassie (Free online plans for an instant double paddle canoe to be built and used by kids)
The Yago Project (Open source plans for a folded metal 9.2 meter yawl designed by Gerd Mueller)

These plans aren't free - they start from $25 but they're from a Danish master boat-builder and Naval Architect Morten Olesen who says "I was born and raised on the waters of Denmark/Scandinavia where wooden boat building is a life-long tradition. I learned about boat design first-hand from generations of experts that came before me. My idea was to create my own line of exclusive, quality boat designs as well as detailed instruction and support materials that would allow boat builders of every skill level to create the wooden boat of their dreams."

Check out Hermann Goering's motor yacht

A truly wonderful English site called In the Boat Shed with lots of interesting articles and free plans including this 10ft clinker double-ended skiff Love this site!231239-1526753-thumbnail.jpg
10' clinker double-ender

Stitch & Glue
Another great site! Featuring Stitch & Glue Plywood rowing & sailing dinghies

Build Your own boat. FREE PLANS. for boats, kayaks, canoes. "Downloads and helpful resources for the D.I.Y. guy.

Here's a Tutorial for a Stitch & Glue plywood dinghy

Wooden oars
Looking for FREE WOODEN OAR PLANS? Here you go

Star class
Build this Star class radio-controlled model from this great site with plans, instructions and videos. BRILLIANT!

Goat Island Skiff
Goat Island Skiff plans from Australia. Not free but easy to build and not expensive.

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