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Unlocking the Secrets of Marijuana

Cannabis, we all know almost every detail about his plant. Right from how to grow it, how to choose the best seeds, how to cultivate it and also how to use it. But, what most of us are not aware about, are its secretive medical uses. And this is why researchers from all across the globe are now helping unlock the secrets of this beautiful plant.

Known to the human civilization almost forever, the plant was used by the Chinese as a medicine for years. However, slowly people started using the plant as a weed for its buzz and a lot of people got addicted to it, ruining their life. This was one reason why the plant was then tagged as the Killer Weed which forced the government to make marijuana as an illegal plant in several states of America, and in other countries.

However, now the plant is considered as one of the main topics of research for its health benefits, especially as more and more people are now turning to the plant for treating their ailments. Based on the recent researches, the plant is considered a "Helpful medicine for treating certain medical conditions and several symptoms."

*The Unknown Secrets
The plant is considered a legal plant in almost 23 states and also Columbia, but is requesting legalization in the other states. But, with people and their weed smoking habits, making the plant legal is a big gamble. However, with a lot of patients using the plant for its medicinal properties, people are now given license to use the plant for treating their conditions which include Crohn's disease, Tourette's syndrome, asthma, glaucoma, appetite loss, inflammation, etc.

The plant can be used in several other treatments, and its uses are still not known to people.

- Apart from being the ideal medication for several symptoms, Cannabis seeds can also trigger certain health conditions. For instance, some people may suffer from anxiety attacks or also may trigger schizophrenia, especially in people who have the genetic history of the disease in their family.
- Marijuana strains with low THC levels and high CBD are just perfect for fighting several health conditions. They have great ability to be used as a cure and can change the face of medicine world when they are introduced legally as a cure.
- It's role as a medicine against cancer and its symptoms is not unknown to us. You can beat the pain, nausea, insomnia and enhance appetite with the weed, but only when you use it rightly and in the perfect proportion.

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