Australian Travel Posters

From The National Library of Australia Site comes these great old travel posters of the 30's - 50's. z338.jpg231239-213952-thumbnail.jpg
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Grandrue est Bleu

Saturday November 19 2050

Now this is truly très très très COOL. From Frenchman Gilles Tran's site

The main tool used to create the pictures throughout this site is Persistence of Vision (POV-Ray™ for short), a free 3D renderer that generates high quality computer graphics. The POV-Ray images are hand-coded in the programming language specific to it. Most objects are created through a modeling technique called Constructive Solid Geometry, that consists in combining, substracting or intersecting simple shapes like spheres, cylinders or boxes. Other objects are modelled with specific tools, and other ones are found in the Internet. As a rule, the pictures are not digitally altered after the initial rendering, though in some cases the contrast and colour saturation have been enhanced.

To use POV-Ray, you need to learn a rather simple (at first) programming language that describes all the elements that will be present in your scene : objects, textures, light sources... You can download scripts examples in the Resources page. The resulting text file, like a music score, is then executed by POV-Ray and rendered into a picture. POV-Ray is a very powerful and versatile tool, mainly aimed at amateurs, though it can also be used in professional situations, like scientific illustration or teaching. You can achieve a lot with POV-Ray. Keep in mind, however, that complex scenes and animations will require time and patience. In terms of sheer productivity, POV-Ray cannot compete with professional tools like 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Maya or Softimage, but the "market" is different.


Jane Zweibel - artist

Wednesday November 16
Paris somewhere

Just found this girl on Craigslist aint she great!231239-211475-thumbnail.jpg
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gallery8-6.jpg You can find Jane HERE231239-211477-thumbnail.jpg


The World's Best Chalk-Artist?

What do ya reckon? Seriously good pavement drawings or what? Think I'd rather go here than the Louvre any day.231239-208559-thumbnail.jpg
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It was so hot you could've....

r209792694.jpgA woman approaches an artwork called 'Big Chook', made of fibreglass and high gloss epoxy marine paint, on Tamarama Beach in Sydney November 2, 2005. Australian artist Jeremy Parnell says people frying themselves on the beach for a suntan inspired his piece which joins 100 artworks contributed by international and Australian artists at the annual outdoor Sculpture by the Sea exhibition which is in its ninth year.


Post a Secret

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Oh God! I love this. This has legs. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. 231239-203757-thumbnail.jpg
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Go to POSTSECRET and dig out those old postcards. New posts every Sunday.231239-203779-thumbnail.jpg
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Fill in the Bubble

I've been distracted by the Bubble Project where a maverick Korean Art Director/Designer by the name of Ji Lee (ex Saatchi & Saatchi) bit the hand that fed him and turned on his masters by printing 15,000 Bubble Stickers and putting them on advertising billboards and posters all over New York City. Passersby filled them in and then the perpetrator/artist/crusader went back and photographed the results. His Manifesto says "Our Communal Spaces are being overrun with ads.....The Bubble Project is the counterattack...the bubbles are the ammunition...." It's akin to the B.U.G.A.U.P. Campaign that ran in Australia. (Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions) Have a look. There's some funny ones.07Camel-I-love-Cancer.jpg__


Dinky Dog Cartoon


I love this so much I wanted to keep it all to myself. I wanted to run the graphics from time to time to illustrate my stories. But that would have made me a truly selfish prick (not to mention the copyright issues). The Internet is about sharing information. Or it should be. Go to this site and have a look at this short classic cartoon and tell me that's not one of the greatest little flics you've ever seen. And the story behind it is so tragic.

"Not much is known about November Jones, the poor Hungarian surplus lard salesman who invented the "Dinky Dog" character in 1914. Up until a few months ago, the only remaining documentation of the short-lived animated character was a photostatic copy of a now missing microfiche news article.

That is until a recent discovery of 3 reels of original "Dinky Dog" cartoons found in a Philadelphia attic. Of the three reels, only the first cartoon was ever released in the US (Dinky Dog in Rolling In The Money 1919).

Deemed " ribald, inflammatory & extremely unfunny" at the time, the film was consistantly met with an uproar wherever it was shown; in some instances, the audiences stormed the projection booth to stop the film.

Destitute and broke, Jones disappeared and never made another cartoon. We have salvaged what we could of this early work, and will attempt to permanently archive the piece here."

Go here Dinky Dog at

Sorry gang...I've been sitting on this for months. Mea culpa.


Hundreds of Bodies Found by River

say "cheese"(click to enlarge)
Sunday September 11

Hundreds of naked bodies - all different ages and shapes, were found in the open air today. The bodies appeared to have been dumped in a shipping-container terminal near the docks and by a river next to a forest.

Contemporary American installation artist Spencer Tunick managed to get hundreds of volunteers to take their clothes off and pose en plein air for his camera.

The shoot took place in Lyon - France's second biggest city and the old capital of Roman Gaul - long renowned for its restaurants and gastronomy. Participants registered on line weeks ago and were given a location and specific instructions to follow. Parental authorization was required for those under 18 years old. Those over 80 were requested to bring their own oxygen bottles and carers (no...I made that up).

I’m all for this sort of thing. Look at the Botticelli or Rubenesque figures on some of these babes! But one thing bothers me... (and if you're under 18 you need parental authorization to read on) What if you cracked a fat on the shoot - a stiffy? I mean, is that bad form, or what? Does an assistant rush up and throw iced water over the offending member? Or do they stop the proceedings...”You there...yes you with the flagpole...either put it away or leave the set.”

The event was part of the Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art.

In exchange for taking part, the nudies will receive a limited edition print of the installation.

Spencer Tunick has staged 65 of these events all over the United States, Canada, Austria, Spain and Brazil. This was his first in France. I wonder if he’ll make it down under? Are you game to take part if he does?

The link for the Biennale is here – 

For more installations go here - 


Go Gay this Spring!


"The Friendly Way"
"The Friendly Way"
Go Gay
Go Gay
...and your home will stay GAY for years to come!


Click on these thumbnails showing great Ads. from 53 years ago when life was less complicated.

They're from an October, 1954 Edition of  A.M. magazine ( Australian Magazine published by Consolidated Press)

Stetson Sky Rider  "You won't want to take it off"

...when you're travelling on the "pressurised propeller-turbine TAA VISCOUNT (built by Vickers - powered by Rolls-Royce)...huge oval windows...deep adjustable armchair...ash tray...toilet facilities (phew - that's a relief)."

"Fly TAA - the friendly way"


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