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Hundreds of Bodies Found by River

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Sunday September 11

Hundreds of naked bodies - all different ages and shapes, were found in the open air today. The bodies appeared to have been dumped in a shipping-container terminal near the docks and by a river next to a forest.

Contemporary American installation artist Spencer Tunick managed to get hundreds of volunteers to take their clothes off and pose en plein air for his camera.

The shoot took place in Lyon - France's second biggest city and the old capital of Roman Gaul - long renowned for its restaurants and gastronomy. Participants registered on line weeks ago and were given a location and specific instructions to follow. Parental authorization was required for those under 18 years old. Those over 80 were requested to bring their own oxygen bottles and carers (no...I made that up).

I’m all for this sort of thing. Look at the Botticelli or Rubenesque figures on some of these babes! But one thing bothers me... (and if you're under 18 you need parental authorization to read on) What if you cracked a fat on the shoot - a stiffy? I mean, is that bad form, or what? Does an assistant rush up and throw iced water over the offending member? Or do they stop the proceedings...”You there...yes you with the flagpole...either put it away or leave the set.”

The event was part of the Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art.

In exchange for taking part, the nudies will receive a limited edition print of the installation.

Spencer Tunick has staged 65 of these events all over the United States, Canada, Austria, Spain and Brazil. This was his first in France. I wonder if he’ll make it down under? Are you game to take part if he does?

The link for the Biennale is here – http://www.biennale-de-lyon.org/tunick/intro_eng.htm 

For more installations go here - http://www.spencertunick.com 

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