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Grandrue est Bleu

Saturday November 19 2050

Now this is truly très très très COOL. From Frenchman Gilles Tran's site www.oyonale.com

The main tool used to create the pictures throughout this site is Persistence of Vision (POV-Ray™ for short), a free 3D renderer that generates high quality computer graphics. The POV-Ray images are hand-coded in the programming language specific to it. Most objects are created through a modeling technique called Constructive Solid Geometry, that consists in combining, substracting or intersecting simple shapes like spheres, cylinders or boxes. Other objects are modelled with specific tools, and other ones are found in the Internet. As a rule, the pictures are not digitally altered after the initial rendering, though in some cases the contrast and colour saturation have been enhanced.

To use POV-Ray, you need to learn a rather simple (at first) programming language that describes all the elements that will be present in your scene : objects, textures, light sources... You can download scripts examples in the Resources page. The resulting text file, like a music score, is then executed by POV-Ray and rendered into a picture. POV-Ray is a very powerful and versatile tool, mainly aimed at amateurs, though it can also be used in professional situations, like scientific illustration or teaching. You can achieve a lot with POV-Ray. Keep in mind, however, that complex scenes and animations will require time and patience. In terms of sheer productivity, POV-Ray cannot compete with professional tools like 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Maya or Softimage, but the "market" is different.

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Oui Mal, j'suis tout a fait d'accord, c'est ultra super cool!
November 20, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterOzzie

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