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Dinky Dog Cartoon


I love this so much I wanted to keep it all to myself. I wanted to run the graphics from time to time to illustrate my stories. But that would have made me a truly selfish prick (not to mention the copyright issues). The Internet is about sharing information. Or it should be. Go to this site and have a look at this short classic cartoon and tell me that's not one of the greatest little flics you've ever seen. And the story behind it is so tragic.

"Not much is known about November Jones, the poor Hungarian surplus lard salesman who invented the "Dinky Dog" character in 1914. Up until a few months ago, the only remaining documentation of the short-lived animated character was a photostatic copy of a now missing microfiche news article.

That is until a recent discovery of 3 reels of original "Dinky Dog" cartoons found in a Philadelphia attic. Of the three reels, only the first cartoon was ever released in the US (Dinky Dog in Rolling In The Money 1919).

Deemed " ribald, inflammatory & extremely unfunny" at the time, the film was consistantly met with an uproar wherever it was shown; in some instances, the audiences stormed the projection booth to stop the film.

Destitute and broke, Jones disappeared and never made another cartoon. We have salvaged what we could of this early work, and will attempt to permanently archive the piece here."

Go here Dinky Dog at ackxhpaez.com

Sorry gang...I've been sitting on this for months. Mea culpa.

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