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Best Google Adwords Book from Perry Marshall

Google Adwords Book * This photo is not me and my Ferrari. There's an interesting story behind it nevertheless. A Scammer used it without permission to tout his shonky site on Facebook. The full story is here at The Sydney Morning Herald. Crikey, I hope that guy doesn't sue me!

"PPC Classroom" is a Joke!

Why do I think PPC Classroom a joke? Because just about everything they teach you is covered in a bestselling book from Perry Marshall - "The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords" - pretty much the Bible of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing.

This is the book your competitors don't want you to read. And it's way cheaper than forking out hundreds of dollars a month for a bogus course on Adwords Marketing. Don't be fooled by the promise of FREE DVDs, near-worthless "Bonuses" and slick videos. Not to mention the so-called testimonials from happy campers like Juda Thomas, Connecticut...David Simpson, Washington...Tony Jones, Thailand and for all I know Homer Simpson, Springfield.

And don't even get me started on those bogus screenshots showing hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate earnings in their Clickbank account. You wanna know how they do that? Check This Out

You've probably seen How To Make Money With Adwords ads like this one below all over the internet? -

Wanna Make Money Online?

You Can Manipulate Google To


Ridiculous Amounts of


In 30 Days or less...

Even With

Just One Product

$6,513 in 24 Hours...

$109,151 in
30 Days...

in 6

You've seen these ads right? Maybe you've even sent your 97 bucks or whetever off to the shonks who run these kind of programs. I have. I've been conned a few times.

There's heaps of these scams and they are all promising the same thing

"How To Make Money Online With Google Adwords".

Well guess what? It is possible to make money online. It's more than possible. Plenty of people are beavering away right now in their home offices writing little Google Adwords spots and making decent money. You can too. But -

 You Don't Need To Buy a B/S "Program" Costing An Arm And A Leg

That's right.

Don't Pay These Sharks

All you need to get started earning decent money online is to learn how to use Adwords - Google's Pay Per Click Program with this veritable Bible of PPC. It's probably what all these so-called Make Money Online Gurus read in the first place. It's called "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords" written by the absolute Master of Online Money-Making, the King of Adwords - the Adwords Ninja Perry Marshall (I tend to call him Perry Mason ;-)

This guy Wrote the Book on Adwords Marketing. Literally. This is the go to guy for Adwords domination. And to making good money online.

There is no Insider Money-Making Strategy...there is no Secret Yahoo Glitch...there is no Unique Adwords "Turn $1 bills into tens and twenties" (like PPC Classroom claim). Forget all that. There is no Silver Bullet these jerks would have you believe. There is no secret turnkey formula to instant online success with Adwords. And you can't hack Google (and even if you were able to they'd ban you forever).

But there is a definitive guide to using Adwords - written by a real expert - not a Johnny-Come-Lately Chancer. A very well-written affordable guide on how to go about marketing yours or other peoples products on Google Adwords. It has everything you need to start making money online.

And get this - Perry Marshall is not just an online marketer with a passion for Adwords. He's no dilettante. He has 10 years experience as an electrical engineer. He also lectures and writes on diverse topics such as bio-science (mainly genetics), industrial automation, Internet communication protocols, Health and fitness, religion and other topics. Truly a Renaissance Man.

Perry Marshall knows his stuff. He's sold software licenses for $50,000 and had startups he grew and sold for $18 Million. You think he might know a thing or two about Adwords and the Big G?

 How Much & Where Do I Get It?
Glad you asked. $49 and I'll give you a link at the bottom of the page.

Google Adwords book

Who am I? What would I know about Making Money With Adwords? Look, I'm just normal people, much like you. I've literally spent years trying to make money online. I'm an Australian who lives in Paris. I married a Frog and we have two small children. ;-) Yeah it's great but there are a few problems for me. The biggest is that I can't speak French very well. I can get around but my French isn't good enough for me to get a gig in my area of expertise - Marketing & Advertising. I'm a copywriter. Specifically a radio copywriter. The King of the 30 Second spot. And even if I were fluent in French my age is against me - I'm fifty-something. Noone's going to hire a fifty-something non-French-speaking radio copywriter in Paris. I'm up against the eight ball. So ever since moving to Paris eight years ago I've been looking for a way to make money online and work from my apartment. Or the beach at Biarritz. I've been caught a few times by programs promising to show me the Holy Grail. They never panned out. I talk about some of them here on this blog. In fact email me at Malkie66 (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll send you the PDF of at least two of these well-known online scams.

Two Years Back

I Read this book

  ...and it blew my mind. I found how to set up an Adwords campaign properly from the moment you choose your products and pick your keywords. I found some great paying keywords, made some adjustments on my Adwords Campaign and Bingo! - I was making money online overnight - it's very exciting to see the orders rolling in. You get addicted to monitoring the Click Through Rate - the CTR. In one memorable campaign my Click Through Rate went from 1.1% to 5.6% overall - it was even better for "Search Partners" at 6.6% CTR. Woah man!

I just found this quote in Chapter Two of Perry Marshall's book -
Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It Your mission is to buy clicks for $1 and make $2 while someone is on your website. Your mission is to make more money from your clicks than your competitors make from theirs. That's it.
Most people don't realise how powerful this concept is - and why Google Adwords is usually the best place to make this happen.
The rest of this book is all about how to do this.

So here's where you get it - Perry Mason's...uh...I mean Perry Marshall's "The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords".

Malcolm Lambe lives in Paris and makes a living online with Adwords. He has two small children including 14 month old Baby Eleanor Mathilde on the left. Google his name or email him at Malkie66 (at) yahoo (dot) com. He doesn't bite.