What the bloody hell is this wacky site all about and who's the lunatic responsible? That's what you want to know isn't it? I used to be very open with my life and family here in these pages but a few sickos ruined it for everybody. So now I'm not being as candid nor am I showing many pictures of my family. You could always try leaving me a message if you want to know my size in socks or what cameras I use.


About Moi

self-portrait (not)
Gee...you've clicked on this. You wanna know who the idiot is who's responsible for this sick site. My name is Malcolm Lambe. I'm from a small planet called Orstraya - you've probably never heard of it. My ship washed up in Paris. And that's all I'm going to tell you. The painting I did on the left looks nothing like me.

p.s. the Missus has asked me to point out that this site has nothing whatever to do with another site called www.wallyworld.com which apparently is a hard-core gay site. Not much we can do about it now. Although at one stage I was rather keen on calling this site www.knittingwithyourdogshair.com but then I thought I'd attract all sorts of mutts and things would get rather messy.