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365 Sketches

making money onlineI just came across this post over at Princeton blog bq. 365sketches is a project about design, open source, and community. The project started as a way for me to do just one thing each day to better myself as a designer. It turned into a way for me to share ideas and techniques with hundreds of people every day. By using free and open source software, I was able to maintain the project with no monetary costs, while creating objects of personal and community value. The process for publishing has been refined and modified over time, and provides me with a relatively simple way to share my work with a lot of people in just a few clicks. I hope that you’ll consider participating in the project. The best way is to subscribe to the site at or if you’re on Facebook, join the page at


Top 10 Worst Website Names

1. Children Slaughter (Childrens laughter) - now redirects to LOL

2. Penis Land (Pen Island) - "Welcome to Pen Island! The best pens on the internet!" - server down. Blame Frank Kern

3. - Rim Jobs - server down but was a real site for Research In Motion. Tasty

4. Builders Crap (Builder Scrap) - "Saving the environment, saving costs" - right

5. Power Genitalia(Power Gen Italia) - "under construction" - something's going up

6. Whore Presents (Who Represents) - celebrity contact list - call a whore

7. Expert Sex Change (Experts Exchange) - parked site - M.I.A.

8. The Rapist Finder (Therapist Finder) - now redirects to - gee, just when I was looking for a good rapist too.

9. Speedo Fart (Speed of Art) - advertising fart directors

10. Michaels Porn Animation (Michael Sporn Animation) - "great videos for kids"